5 Celeb-Adorned Budget Friendly Saree; From Katrina Kaif To Ananya Panday

Sarees have been one of the most selected choices among celebrities when it comes to celebrating fashion. From glamorous events to everyday looks, these hot divas never fail to impress their fans with their dynamic fashion styles, including Katrina Kaif, slaying budget friendly saree, proving that elegance and style don’t always come with a hefty price tag. 

When fashionistas go through their favorite celeb page, their gaze is pulled to the dazzling beautiful fashion sarees. But here is the catch, even divas like Katrina Kaif, Janhvi Kapoor, and Ananya Bhatt wear some budget friendly saree alternatives. So, let’s go and explore the beautiful sarees.

Katrina Kaif

katrina kaif in budget friendly saree
Image credit: Katrina Kaif / Instagram


Katrina Kaif, one of Bollywood’s highest-paid-actresses, and also leading in huge fan following. Her style and fashion sense are considered to be one the most recognized and celebrated by the industry and among her fans. Her down-to-earth demeanor is something which makes her personality different from other celebrities. Katrina’s alluring beauty personifies, as she wears this simple yet vibrant yellow budget friendly saree from the brand Raw Mango, which costs only Rs. 19,800. This Virant yellow saree is featured with golden border, making it a perfect ensemble for wedding season.

Tara Sutaria

tara sutaria in budget friendly saree
Image credit: Tara Sutaria /Instagram


Tara Sutara, a Gen-Z actress, roles in her dazzling fashion all the time. A peculiar taste of mixing fashion trends and highlighting her choices is dynamic. She wore another less expensive and budget friendly saree. Choosing a black saree shows her love for black color. Tara Sutaria is wearing designer Rohit Bal’s created gorgeous saree, which costs only Rs. 10,950. The saree has a lovely floral print on sheer black silk, making it a stunning yet affordable choice. Isn’t it a great a price for such an exquisite attire.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor in budget friendly saree
Image credit: Janhvi Kapoor / Instagram


Who doesn’t like flowers? especially when it is all over your body. Yes, you read it correctly. This floral print saree is a total yes for any event. Janhvi Kapoor’s exquisite style of wearing it makes it perfect. This Bollywood diva has a sultry choice. Fashionistas following her trends exactly knows her dynamic fashion sets a trend. Her fondness of wearing this floral print saree makes her look her elegant and classy. This budget friendly saree combined with white spaghetti strap top enhances her personality. This lovely saree is from Dohr brand and is available for Rs. 18,490.


kajol in budget friendly saree
Image credit: Kajol / Instagram


If you have a classic choice, then you have the correct eyes of your taste. Kajol is a timeless beauty, from onscreen to offscreen, fans have showered love on her. She has showcased her love for sarees in many events, and fans know her variety and fashion styles. Wearing this polka dot red saree, interlaced with golden lace gives it a timeless look. The saree from the renowned brand Ekaya Banaras costs Rs. 19,175, indicating that even budget friendly saree can give a stylish punch to your beautiful personality.

Ananya Panday

Ananya Panday in budget friendly saree
Image credit: Ananya Panday / Instagram


Ananya Panday grabbed the limelight when she stepped out in this gorgeous red organza silk saree. This is the ultimate win-win option for all the fashionistas who look up to their favorite celebs for fashion advice. This red saree has a dark embroidery border that adds a glamorous edge to the drape. The light pink flowers printed all over the saree makes it even more attractive. This budget friendly saree costs Rs.  18,490 making it worthwhile purchase. Be it Katrina Kaif or Ananya Panday, love for sarees is eternal.

So, which one is your favorite? We have everything from chanderi to organza, georgette to chiffon. After looking at our fashionable choices made by our favorite celebs Katrina Kaif to Ananya Panday, it is evident that we don’t need to spend heft amount to look gorgeous and classy. It’s time to nail the affordance!

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