Tripti Dimri Opens Up About Intimate Scene In Animal, READ!

Tripti Dimri has become an internet sensation after Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal has released. She has received a lot of love from audience and also gained the title of Bhabhi 2 due to her stellar performance in the movie. Even in one of her interview she also revealed that now people are watching her earlier projects like Qala and Laila Majnu after Animal success. In a recent Interview, Tripti Dimri has opened a bit about shooting intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Animal.

Tripti Dimri in Animal

Tripti Dimri opened up on shooting intimate scene in Sandeep Vanga’s Animal

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Tripti Dimri has received over night fame through Animal. Although she had a small stint in the film but her sizzling chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor and the bold scenes on the silver screen made her gained the title of National crush. In her latest interview she recalled what Ranbir said to her before shooting the bold scene for the movie. She also revealed her conversation with director Sandeep before filming the intimate scenes.

In her interview with News 18, she shared, “It really helps when you’ve a co-actor you can count on so much. You’ve to be comfortable performing those scenes. Sandeep (Reddy Vanga) sir, Ranbir and the DOP told me, ‘Every time you’re uncomfortable, you just have to let us know and we’ll make sure that that you don’t’.”

Tripti Dimri in animal

Tripti Dimri recalls what Ranbir and Sandeep Vanga said before shooting intimate scenes

During the conversation she said that both the director and Ranbir made her feel quite comfortable. She also added about the importance of respect on the film sets. She added, “It’s really important that you’re in an environment where people respect you as a person, your choices, and what you’re doing at that particular moment and make it only about that and not anything else.”

When asked about the intimacy coordinator, she said some actors require them, but for her if you are comfortable with your co-star and director, it is not required. If the comfort zone of the actor is taken care of, then there is no need of intimacy coordinator.

Tripti Dimri in Animal

Tripti says her comfort was taken care of

the Animal actor Tripti further said that all the intimate scenes were taken as lightly as possible. Bold scenes were not given a big deal kinda attention. She said all those shots were shot in a similar fashion like other scenes of the movie and simultaneously her comfort was taken care of.

When the Qala actor, was asked about her infatuation towards Ranbir Kapoor, she responded by accepting her nervousness on being around him and accepting that he is her favourite actor. She really admires him a lot.

tripti Dimri in animal

Tripti Dimri Intimate scene in Animal received hate and viewed misogynistic

In the movie Animal Tripti has played the role of a woman who has an affair with the Ranbir Kapoor’s character who is already married. Although her acting has received a lot of love but a few of her intimate scene in the movie has brought a bit of criticism as it is viewed as misogynistic.

In her interview with ETimes, “Honestly, the scene is getting a lot of criticism and it did disturb me initially. I was also taken aback. But then, I sat myself down and I thought about it. Nobody forced me to become an actor. I wanted to do it because I found it exciting. And as I started doing it, the characters that I played, started healing a part of me.”

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